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Milestone 1 - Ownterms.org 0.1 - Introduction


  • Buy domain name and setup main website (tomscott)
  • Make public announcement about the project (tomscott)
  • Setup wiki for collaboration on the documents on the project (tomscott)
  • Setup the roadmap for the next 5 release (rejon)
  • Release Package of 3 generalized documents  and clean-up for the main website
    • This involves moving three documents to the main website and making them available as PDF, html, and in a zip and tarball
    • JON: Actually, I think weshould just release them on this wiki, and then can link to PDF, html and have a zip and tarball
  • Setup mailing list for the project: discussion@lists.ownterms.org
  • Create announcement for the project (JON) 
  • Create a list of places to announce this project to (JON)


Milestone 2 - Ownterms.org 0.2 - Expansion


  • Release Package of 10 generalized documents
  • Outline how to do the jurisdiction porting on this wiki
  • Create announcement for this release
  • Announce this release


Milestone 3 - Ownterms.org 0.3 - Jurisdictions


  • Get forms translated into 5 major world languages and ported to those 5 jurisdictions
  • Create announcement for this release
  • Announce this release


Milestone 4 - Ownterms.org 0.4 - Online Forms



  • Make 3 on-line forms which allow someone to add their own custom information to create a custom form
    • IMPORTANT: This project shouldn't store any custom forms or offer any warranties or signal that we are legally responsible for the legal status of the documents
  • Create announcement for this release
  • Announce this release


Milestone 5 - Ownterms.org 0.5 - Expansion


  • Create announcement for this release
  • Announce this release


Future Milestones



  • Develop own-terms logo.
  • Develop own-terms logo that users of contracts can put on their websites with link to website.
  • Develop different symbols for contracts that can be built into website with links back to contract.
  • Please add your ideas here! Sign up!



  • Please add your ideas here!

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rejon said

at 12:54 am on Mar 14, 2009

We need to get this cooking again!

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