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on January 23, 2008 at 10:08:03 am

 5-17 June  Dubrovnik, Croatia   hungry artists feed hungry people

Why is the hafhp project going to the summit and what is hoped to be achieved ?

What does HAFHP set out to achieve ? Hafhp is looking to create a system that would enable the artist to build a license. The license would allow the artists to give up the commercial rights for the use of their content to a charity of choice. The license would be non-exclusive and the artist would choose the cost for commercial use of content. The user of content would pay the charity directly.

How would content be found ? The charity and the type of material the artist would provide would be coded into text.  The artist would copy this text to their site. A search engine could  source content. Charities could market the available content. The artist could display hafhp and/or charity logo on site. 

Who would use the license and why ?  Any artist that has the rights to their commercial content. HAFHP is looking to give the self-published artist the oportunity to have their art exposed. Keep in mind that the license would be non-exclusive; this means that the artist could remove the text from their site at anytime and the license would no-longer be valid. Hafhp gives the charity the opportunity to be a publisher.

Why is hafhp going to the Summit ? Incubated by Creative Commons"cc", iCommons is an organisation with a broad vision to develop a united global commons front by collaborating with open education, access to knowledge, free software, open access publishing and free culture communities around the world. For more info go to this link

What does Icommons have to do with  HAFHP  ? The focus of the hafhp project is artists giving up rights for  commercial use of content to a charity of choice, in a "non-exclusive" way. Many people that use a cc license are keeping the commercial rights for the use of content.  CC already has a license for the developing nations. A hafhp license could work parallel or in conjunction with a creative commons license. Visit this link to see how the artist creates a cc license. Definition of non exclusive at thislink.

Hafhp is looking to establish long term partners with a shared vision for the project. HAFHP vision is to be as close as possible to what it says it is. Hungry Artists Feed Hungry People.

licenese draft

How to price  content ?

HAFHP why  ?

In the wake of the huge disaster in Pakistan, I started to notice inequalities in charity collection. Hurricane Katrina in the US was a major disaster; however, what about Pakistan? Seventy thousand people died in Pakistan, and 1300 people died in the Mississippi. These events happened around the same time, yet far more media coverage went to one rather than the other. This resulted in more charity dollars going to Katrina. Artists and the public face such inequalities every day.

 It seems that the artists who are getting the exposure in the fight against poverty are artists that are known and very much a part of the media machine. What should we think of this, and how do we change it? HAFHP is a collaborative effort that potentially gives exposure to unknown art, feeds people, and creates awareness. Perhaps HAFHP is part of the solution for the artist in times of inequality, environmental devastation and poverty. 

Brids of a feather presentation. Goto the bottom of this page.

Who supports this project  ?

Co-ordinator & Founder of HAFHP Jamison Young

  • Pratelstvi 1300/44 10400 Praha 10 Czech Republic +420 731228882 skype jamisonyoung 
  • info@hafhp.org                  visit the hafhp website at this link                            visit the hafhp myspace at this link






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