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Hungry Artists feed Hungry People HAFHP


Hafhp is looking to create a website that would enable the artist to build a license. The license would allow the artists to give up the commercial rights for the use of their content to a charity of choice. The license would be non-exclusive, user of content would pay the charity directly.


How would content be found ? The charity and the type of material the artist would provide would be coded into text. The artist would copy this text to their site. A search engine could source content. Charities could market the available content. The artist could display hungry artists and/or charity logo on site.


Develop a template that could be used by the many organizations.


*Self published artists want to contribute and have their art exposed.

*Organizations can be educated to use this content.

*The public are interested in finding out about "self published' artists.


Please contribute to this project.



Info created on hafhp prior to visiting summit.

Text created on openbusiness


Creative Commons have developed a new CC+ aspect to the license. This is the public apsect of the license now created.

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