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Events need a contract to use creators works and self publishing creators want their work used. Often artists are unable to be considered for a performance at an event because their content is priced by the rights organization at the same price as published content. Artists that self publish content and are member's of rights organization... price themselves out of the market. What to do?




Consider: Most artists and bands that perform at alternative festivals are with a partly culturally funded labels (Europe, Australia, Canada, UK) or commercially funded labels. Idea: create a contract that allowed creators (creator not with rights organization) that  attended an event to participate in the event.




Part of the problem might be that rights organizations tend to be vague about how they create prices for use of content. Per square meter or on sales of tickets? Consider though: once an event has been given the conditions for use of content by the rights organizations, the event could collaborate with the creator not with a rights organization to the benefit the event and the creator. Free stages outside the event or an extra stage within the event. A film festival might  create small stages during intervals, no extra cost for use content would give self published creators an opportunity to get exposure.




Pressure needs to put on rights organizations to make it clear how they calculate prices for use of content. So users of content can be assured that they are being treated equally.















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