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Clean Air Contract


Contract that the artist signs that allows the venue/media to use the recorded music of that artist in that venue free of charge. It would be up to the artist to let the venue know if in the future the artist joined a rights organization.


 Why is this contract going to be used?


Venues can be mini commons. Small venues are under a lot of pressure to stay open, rights organizations are putting the cost for use of music content up. Self published art is not used, there is little incentive for media to use this content. Think about it: If you have 20 live acts that come through your venue and 5 of them are not with a rights organization and you (as the venue owner) like that content. Why not use it in your venue to your advantage and to that of the artist or band. Why should artists not be able to provide content at a different price to what the rights organizations provides content at. The artist is not giving up any rights for remix of the content, just allowing free use for this content by that venue/media until the band, she or he might decide to join a rights organization. If the venue is able to get 30 hours of content over 6 months. The venue/media owner may start with 2 nights a week of music that is royalty free in that venue. The rights organizations would not be able to charge for use of content on these nights and costs would be reduced. Every-time the creator released new content, the creator might tour that performance through different venues. The artist could sign a contract that allowed the content to be used free for 2-months, 5-months 2-years periods. You have to consider that myspace don't pay for use of an artists content, yet the venues do and they are not beaming soap commercials above the artists as they perform. Venues have a right to be angry with the globalization of media and double standards for use of content. A mini commons "clean air" contract... would be a breath of fresh air for the artist venue and public. Local bands could get gigs and people in the spaces might ask who is being played.


Online use of contract... possibilities.


A software/online contact could be developed so that the venue could upload content when the artist was doing a show or the artists might upload content to a centralized online platform. Different software solutions taylored to different artist venue relationships. The artist could choose the terms and conditions for use of the content, the artist might also be able to change these terms and conditions from that centralized website. In a perfect world, yet why not its the net. Artist would/might have stats for use of content in different venues. Industry and artists would get feedback on content. Fans from the venues would find out about the artists on the web and might go and see a live show. Fans could make demands for shows within the venue and on the web, The venue would play the content at no or less cost to the venue than works provided by the rights organizations.  Live shows of artist might be recorded at the venue as video or audio and the creator(s) could define the terms of distribution of that creation. Where ever the artist went the artist would develop a radio network. The artist/band could regulate their own content within that network under their "own terms".


My view is that small venues would embrace this contract, even if the infa structure cost them a lot.



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